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Business incorporation

We are able to advise business owners of the benefits and drawbacks of trading through a limited company. We consider our individual clients’ circumstances to determine the most suitable approach to trading. As a result of our investment in professional training, we are aware of legislation and other factors which may also affect this fundamental decision. We are able to assist with the incorporation process.
how can we help you?

Our small business service provides you with big business experience. From your company tax return to full management account services, we can help you plan your finances and convert goals into real monetary targets.
We can also help with your personal tax return and other personal tax / accounting related issues.

Dowsett Moore have handled the tax and year-end accountancy for Grigoro Software Limited since the company was incorporated 11 years ago. I am not at all financially-minded, so their help and expertise allows me to focus on running my business and providing service to my clients while they ensure that I stay straight with the Revenue. I would be lost without them.

Mr Dave Buckler
Director, Grigoro Software Limited

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